My experience of dating an ex-stripper

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to date a stripper.
Now, I realize that this isn’t exactly the most exotic of fantasies – pretty much every guy out there at least once in their life wonders what it would be like to slide up next to a stripper after hours – but very, very few guys actually follow through for a whole bunch of different reasons.
I’ve never been one to shy away from some pretty wild sexual experiences, which is why a stripper seemed right up my alley. And while she was definitely one hell of a wild time when the lights went out, there was a whole bunch of baggage attached to that caboose. It’s impossible for me to tell you whether or not the juice was worth the squeeze, but I can tell you that it’s something that I definitely don’t regret doing.
The first thing that you need to know about dating a stripper (or ex-stripper) is that you are going to have an almost impossible challenge on your hands if you are a paying client.
Though it isn’t at all uncommon to find a couple of girls that dance because they absolutely love the thrill of it, the overwhelming majority (at least in my experience and straight from my ex-girlfriend’s mouth) of the girls that get into this line of work are just looking for some effortless cash and a bit of fun.
If you go in waving a whole bunch of money hoping to impress them you’re going to do the exact opposite. They are going to see you as a rube, a mark, and someone that they can bleed dry with just a little bit of phoning attention.
Secondly, you had better check any and all jealousy at the door – especially if your girl is still dancing. Thankfully, mine had just recently given up the game, which made the transition to making her my solo relationship a little bit easier. Honestly, not too sure that I could have gone through with everything if I knew that she was still up on the stage working it every single night.
But who knows.
What I can tell you though (just from watching friends that have dated strippers, some of which I’ve hooked up in the first place) is that jealousy isn’t going to fly. It’s going to crush any hope of a relationship that you would have had, and it’s going to make you persona non grata in her eyes.