My experience of using an escort for the first time

It’s absolutely impossible to forget your first time with an escort for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of them really, really surprised me when I looked back at the memory.
Sure, I was just as nervous (and maybe even more so) as pretty much anyone else that decides to check out what escorts have going for them, and I know what I went through all of the different “stages” of making the decision.
First the idea pops in your mind and then you try to push it away as quickly as possible, but before you know it, it’s all you’re thinking about – and that’s when you decide to take the plunge. You fire up your laptop (or maybe cruise through a couple of back page listings on your phone), and before you know it you have found a handful of girls you’d be interested in spending a little bit of time with.
Then the reality of the situation sets in, and all of a sudden you’re backpedaling once again – but this time not nearly as seriously. You’ve seen the girls, you know that they are absolute knockouts, and you are interested in jumping in with both feet.
After a little bit of token resistance (we’ve all gone through it), you finally decide to take the plunge and give them a call or contact them through a private message.
And then it’s off to the races!
The whole experience kicks off with a little bit of banter back and forth, breaking the ice and trying to deflect the awkwardness of the situation. Finding the right girl is definitely going to go a long way in helping you get used the fact that this is really going down, as the perfect girl will be able to guide you through the process without ever making you feel like you’re doing something wrong.
After the ice has been broken, logistics (and money) will be brought up and figured out, and then you have nothing to worry about other than following through.
What surprised me most about my first time with an escort though, more than anything else, was just how effortless the whole thing is once you get past all of the weird social pressure that tell us that it isn’t something that we are supposed to be doing in the first place.
Once you toss off those bow lines, you’re good to go!